Both System and Custom Fields can be added as a separate column in your Backlog Board. To add or remove a column on board, click on Columns drop down under Navigation menu and mark the required fields.

Add System Field as Column:

List of supported System fields on Backlog includes:

  • Epic
  • Sprint, Sprint Start Date, Sprint End Date
  • Release, Release Start Date, Release End Date
  • Component
  • Due Date
  • Updated By, Updated On
  • Created By, Created On
  • Task/Issue Effort – Estimate, Remaining and Logged
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Attachments
  • Followers
  • Dependency
Note: To add a custom field as a column, remember to add this field in your project item type screen as well.

Add Custom Field as Column:

Custom fields can be made visible in “Backlog” as Column. Custom fields associated with a User Story can be added in Project “Backlog”.

To add new columns in Backlog, use “Column” button beside Filter bar. “Columns” drop-down shows all available Project fields including custom fields. If your selected custom field has multiple values, its values are comma separated.

It is also possible to add new status for item types by changing workflow.