Adding Task, under User Story is very common practice that help teams to get all tasks get done properly. You can add a Task under User Story in Sprint, Release and To Do boards.

Add from widget

In Sprint, Release and ToDo boards, you can add Task via the User Story widget by clicking on the highlighted Task Icon “Add-Task Task”

  • A popup will open to enter minimal details.
  • Add-Task-Widget
  • Fill in the details and click on the “Save” button.

Add from User Story Details

To add a task with more details, Open User Story in Detail view and select Tasks tab.

  • Click on Add New Task option.
  • Add-Task-Tab

    A Task can contain following information:

    Field Name Field Description
    Title The subject of the Task
    Status Assign Status of Task, according to its current progress state.
    Description Provide description of Task, if there are any useful details to get it done.
    Responsible Select person name who will be responsible for Task progress
    Project Select a project from the Project drop down menu. The Task will be included in this Project.
    Sprint Select a Sprint for the Task.
    Due Date Select a Due date for the Task. This is the planned completion date for the task.
    Effort Estimate Select Estimate Hours for the task in HH:MM.
    Other Responsible(s) Other team members, who are also responsible for the Task to finish
    Followers These Users will be notified whenever changes are made to the Task.
    Add Attachments Add attachments as evidence. You can drag and drop files here. You can use Yodiz Grab to capture your browser screen
  • Click on Save button given at top right corner.