Very often teams want to log the reason when some status of an Item (User Story, Issue, and Task) is changed to resolved, ignored or closed etc.

In a Workflow, you can add an option to enforce users to mention “reason”, when changing status to specific values.

For User Stories, Issues and Tasks, you have to enable the Status Reason option for each status from “Manage Workflow” Tab under Project Settings.

Enable Status Set Reason

In order to enable Status Set Reason at Item Type level, follow the steps below.

  • Click on “Manage Workflow Scheme” tab and edit Scheme by clicking on Status Set Scheme Name.
  • Select contextual menu option of the status for which you want to add a reason. Select “Turn On Status Reason”
  • Save the changes. Go back to Applications and change the item status that will prompt status reason dialog.

Changes in a Workflow is applicable on all projects that are using the same workflow.