You can define your project workflow in a csv file and import your defined workflow. Yodiz provides CSV template to ensure correct data format. You can define workflow for all available item types including, user story, epic, issue, task, sprint, and release.

Note: To access Workflow configurations, you need Admin rights.

Steps are simple to follow:

  • Download Yodiz Workflow CSV template
  • Note: CSV file header should remain intact. This will ensure correct mapping of data to the fields.
    Workflow template CSV

    Download/Export csv template file from Yodiz workflow import page.

  • Fill the Downloaded Yodiz CSV template with your data.
  • Go back to workflow creation pages and upload file via import workflow.
Key Points to fill template:
  • To define a status as default in each category, place it at top of that category statuses in csv file. The first status of each category will be selected as default.
  • Maximum status name length is 50 characters.
  • For each item type, you can add max. 25 statuses across the categories.