Setting up Yodiz is simple and quite easy. There are just a few steps to take care of before you can start working on your project tasks. This article will guide you through Setting up Yodiz.

After successful login to Yodiz, you can follow this guide for assistance. These steps are one easy way to get start exploring Yodiz. Help portal guides and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will assist you for further details.

1. Create your Project

A Demo Project is already available in Yodiz at your first sign in. You can create your own Project or continue exploring Yodiz on Demo Project. Learn, How to create a new project?.

2. Add Users to the Project

Once you have created a project. Now it’s time to add members of your team. Learn, How to add new users?.

Note: Adding New Users require Admin rights.

3. Build Your Backlog

You and team can build project Backlog together now. Add all your requirements in your Backlog by adding User Stories. You can estimate and prioritize User Stories in Backlog using different methods. Adding Task and Issues is made as one click operation. Learn more about Backlog Board

3.1. Add Your First User Story

Once your project is created, you are ready to add your first User Story in Backlog. Learn, How to add new user story?

3.2. Add Your First Task

Each User Story may contain many underneath chores that are handled by different members of your team. Once you have created your User Story, it is time to break it down in Tasks. Learn, How to to add new task?

4. Build Issue Log

Adding and tracking issues is made easier with Issue Tracker. You can add Issues from Issue Tracker, Sprint, Release and Planning board. Issue Tracker is one single board to track all Project Issues. Learn more about Issue Tracker

4.1. Add Your First Issue

An Issue could be a customer request or an error in software that needs to be fixed. You can add independant Issues in Issue Tracker or an Issue associated with particular User Story using Sprint board. Learn about Adding Issues

5. Creating Your First Sprint

After defining a suitable amount of most needed User Stories in Backlog, you may move on to Sprint planning. You can divide your Project span in multiple Sprints.

One way to check the pulse of Sprint progress is by accessing Sprint board Analytics. Learn more about Sprint Board features.

Sprint Planning helps development team to focus on only the contents that they need to work on priority. Learn the straight-forward practice of Starting new Sprint.

6. Plan Your First Release

Development and delivery of your product can be divided in multiple iterations. Plan, schedule, and manage a Release on single board, even if Release contents are handled in multiple Sprints. To launch new features to end user with seamless delivery, use Release board.

Learn the effortless process of Adding your first Release.

7. Adding Your First Epic

Epics can be accessed via Epic board. You can track the progress of its associated User Stories at same board. These User Stories are not necessarily part of only one Sprint or Release.Learn about Create an Epic.

8. Using Planning Board

Looking at multiple project contents and planning them is simplified with the separate Planning board. You can move previous Sprint’s unDone contents to new Sprint or plan a new Release using 2 project Backlogs in one Planning Board.

9. Your Personal To Do Board

To Do board is designed as personal user board. Here, you can track all items assigned to you. Nothing remain neglected even if you are working on more than one project simultaneously. You can look into your assigned items at one board, even if they belong to more than one project. To Do board makes it easier to focus on your work items.

10. Project Dashboard

All widgets and graphs are put together to form Project Dashboard. You can add graphs in your personal Dashboard while Project Owner can share a Dashboard with the team.

Project Roadmap is one of key features to schedule and align multiple projects.

You can access more detailed information about all features at Yodiz Help Portal.

Note: If you still face any problem or unable to find what you’re looking for, Contact Us anytime for further assistance.