“Company Pulse” is a single place to get a holistic view of all your projects. This feature is an asset for Program management to get an overview of ongoing projects. You can analyze projects, plan different releases for different projects and align them using Roadmap feature.

As a User, you can view all of your projects statistics at this place. If you are a user of more than one Organizations, You can look at your work of different organizations by using the Organization dropdown list. Company Pulse gets you a summary view of your projects, issues, sprints, and backlog.

To access Company Pulse:

Go to Navigation Menu > Analytics > Company Pulse

“Dashboard” is the place for reporting and tracking project progress. Different types of widgets are already available for each Item type. In My Dashboard, you can define widgets for your personal analysis. Shared Dashboard shows widgets which are shared with you by project team members.

Using Dashboard, you can track multiple projects easily. Simply create different widgets on the board. On the same board, you can add the same type of widget multiple times and compare widgets, by fetching different project values. For example, to compare different releases/sprints of the same project.

Access Personal Dashboard/Shared Dashboards:

Go to Navigation Menu > Analytics > My Dashboards or Shared Dashboards