Roadmap link on Company Pulse is a shortcut to access your Projects roadmap page.

Project Roadmap is an enhanced feature in Yodiz which provides complete visibility of Project’s goals alongside timeline. It is a bigger picture of project’s activities and achievements. Main Roadmap features are:

  • Gantt chart of each sprint and release of your projects.
  • Easy to change start or end date of a sprint or release, by dragging it on timeline
  • You can plan and add new sprints and releases of multiple projects and align schedule. Select multiple projects from Projects dropdown located on left top corner of Project Roadmap page.
  • To look at statistics and its content details of any release or sprint. Locate the sprint/release and double click on Gantt chart bar on the timeline.
  • Link any sprint with a release by just clicking on the release bar on the timeline and drag it to that sprint.

Navigation Menu, Analytics > Project Roadmap

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