While committing for a new Sprint deliverables, you need to see how many team members are available to work on Sprint items. To have an overview of your Sprint Resources (team members) and their time and effort statistics, use Sprint Resource Manager.

By default, a Sprint counts all Project members as part of it. You can add or remove a Project team member from the Sprint resources and mention limited number of available estimated hours per user.

  • Define Working hour per day to calculate total available time for sprint
  • Mention your team members vacations here to manage realistic sprint deliverables expectations
  • Ability to add or remove team members from each sprint
  • Mention limited working hours for an individual team member
  • Monitor each team member up-to-date effort summary regarding effort spent, remaining and estimated hours

Plan Team members availability using Sprint Resource Manager

When planning, now you can select members from your project team, who would be participating in the sprint and get exact hours that are available to you in this sprint. At the moment the complete focus of this functionality is on tasks and hours. We have planned further enhancements to this functionality, so do share your feedback. The process is as follows

  • Click on Navigation Menu > Sprint > Start New Sprint
  • Choose Sprint method (Scrum/Kanban)
  • Enter Title, Sprint start and end dates
  • Click on Resource Manager tab to define Sprint team available time. Total working hours are calculated based on Sprint duration, working hours per day and team member available hours.
Note: At the start of the Sprint, total working hours are same as unestimated hours until each team member does not add tasks and issues effort explicitly against Sprint Items.
  • Save Sprint and add contents in the Sprint
  • Each team member adds an estimate for an allocated work item. Estimate values are editable. Changes in estimates are immediately reflected in Resource Manager Summary.

Estimation Tracking Indicators

Once the sprint is created with the team and their effective hours, you can start adding user stories and tasks. There are 3 types of progress indicators that help you to identify planning accuracy of your sprint and how the team is spending time every day in the sprint.


Sprint Resource Manager accessible through Sprint Board

Note: Statistics are only meaningful if your team is logging estimation and spent time per task.
  • Estimated Hours Indicator

    This is calculated against the estimated hours in sprint for all of your tasks and Total available hours in sprint.

    • Total Estimated Hours
    • Total Un-estimated Hours
    • Total Working Hours
  • Progress Day
  • Number shows how many days of current Sprint passed

  • Expected Spent Hour/Day

Daily Progress is calculated based on ratio-R of Sprint team which is (Daily expected hours * the number of days spent) vs Spent hours so far. To access Resource Manager of an on-going Sprint: