Any work item in Yodiz, can be deleted. If you have created a work item, you can delete it as well.

Delete An Item

On any Yodiz board, Click on the Item Id and select provided delete Recycle-Bin-Icon icon in item details. An additional confirmation dialog prompts to confirm your action. Recovery of deleted item depends on item type. Deletion of work items will remove information in following manner:

Project: Deleting a Project will remove Project Name from all Yodiz boards. Project data will not be accessible to any user anymore. You can not use Project Key until deleted project is available for restore in Recycle bin. It is only permissible for Project Admin and Super Admin to delete a project.

User Story: will be removed with associated items (task or issue) and you can recover it later from recycle bin. Associated tasks and issues also get recovered along with User Story.

Task: deleting “only a task” will remove its association with the user story and such tasks cannot be recovered.

Independent Issue: will be deleted but you can get it back later from the recycle bin.

Deleting an Epic, Sprint, and Release: is not recoverable though. At deletion of such work item, all its associated contents are moved back to project backlog. User stories under that deleted epic will be moved back to project backlog as independent User Stories. Information about sprint, release, and epic will also be reset in all related graphs accordingly.