Existing projects from Pivotal Tracker can be imported in Yodiz. The process is quite simple and makes it convenient for Users to migrate as much of their data as possible. You can import a subset of your project data as well.

In this article we will discuss following things:

Pivotal Tracker Import

You can access Yodiz Import feature for Pivotal Tracker by following navigation.

Go to Navigation menu, Settings Setting-Menu-Icon dropdown > Import Data

Select Pivotal Tracker from left “Import Using API” sidebar.

You will be landed on the following page.


Provide Pivotal Access Token (API Key) that you can find under your Pivotal Tracker profile page.

Note: please ensure that Allow API Access option is marked under Pivotal Project settings. By default, it is checked.

Click on Pivotal Login and follow the steps below.

1. Select Project

You will be shown a list of Projects that exist in Pivotal Tracker.


Only one Project can be imported at a time. You can import another project once you are done importing the first one, you’ll just have to select from the list of remaining projects and click on “Start Import”.

2. Import Project Data

You will be shown the following screen as soon as you click on “Start Import” button.


Select the desired Stories and click on the “Import Data” button given at the end.

Note: Stories in Iteration tab are actually Items in Sprint, since Iteration in Pivotal = Sprint in Yodiz.

The above screenshot indicates that the import is in progress. Once the import process is complete, a popup notification appears saying “Successfully Imported”, it also shows the number of User Stories and Issues imported. Click on OK button.

3. Imported Projects

Imported Projects can be viewed at the bottom table of the Import Page.


Important Notes

  • Project Title will be imported as it is, Sprints and Items ID will be prepended as [Pivotal:ID 1]
  • Workflow, Attachments, Tags and Comments for items (Features, Bugs, Chore, Release) are imported as it is.
  • The Pivotal Tracker items are converted in following items when imported in Yodiz.
    Pivotal Tracker Items Yodiz Items
    Feature User Story
    Bug Issue
    Chore Issue
    Release Release
  • Tasks Under User Story are imported with its intact association
  • The Point Scales from Pivotal Tracker are converted in Estimation Methods in Yodiz. Follow the Table below to Understand Scale conversions.
    Pivotal Tracker Point Scales Yodiz Estimation Method
    Power Linear
    Linear Linear
    Fibonacci Fibonacci Scale
  • If you have large data, import might take some time. You can still open a new Yodiz tab and continue your work meanwhile


  • Pivotal Tracker Users are not imported with Projects.
  • Tags, Attachments and Comments are not imported for Sprint, Epic and Release.
  • Tasks under Bugs and Chores in Pivotal Tracker are not imported in Yodiz.