Custom Fields can be viewed in respective Items Detail View. Custom Fields created previously can be found via the following navigation.

  • Click on Main Navigation Menu, Setting-Menu-Icon Settings dropdown > Configurations > Manage Custom Fields
  • Now select Item Type and Locate Custom Field.

If you are still unable to find your custom field, please go through the following exceptions.

  • Check if Custom Field is defined for any other Item type (Issue, User Story, Task or Epic). If Custom Field was defined for another item type, then you need to create another Custom Field. Mention item type in Custom Field Scope details.
  • Another reason could be missing Project name under Custom Field Scope. Please verify by editing the Custom Field and verify under “Visible in Projects” section. If your project isn’t checked under this section please check the desired project to view the respective Custom Field.
  • Define-scope-Custom-Field-Project
  • Update Changes