Centralize planning, simplify collaboration and Improve visibility with ease.

Backlog Management

Centralized repository to manage all project requirements and user stories with easy ways to rank stories and focus on most important items.

  • Create and Manage user stories
  • Add Tags, attachments, comments
  • Easy search & Filtering
  • Reorder with numbered positions
  • Associate tasks & issues to stories
  • Visualize & manage dependencies
  • Export Print-able story cards
  • Import existing stories with CSV and more
  • Create Rich Text stories via email
  • Auto organize using star priority

Dashboard & Reports Provides mined and polished data graphs at both company and project level. Equipped with well-designed dashboards to see the progress in a single glance, gives key numbers upfront and opportunity to drill down for details.

Project Dashboard 20+ graphs to keep you updated with team and project progress. Basic graphs like issue statistics, backlog stories to advanced graphs for sprint scope change, special tags graphs by sprint and many more value-able statistics.
Company wide Dashboard Aggregated reports for issues, user stories and sprints level to provide perfect understanding how your organization is performing.
Detailed Reports User and project level detailed reports with a powerful and flexible interface to customize data as you need. You can set projects, sprints and releases to get all the items that user has worked on.
TimesheetsUser level time-sheet report to get information, when and on what user has worked on. Provides filters for weekly, monthly and custom time-range filter options. All reports can be exported to CSV.

Sprint Board

Plan, Manage and Track Sprint activities with easy to use visual boards, Sprint Analytics view and a detailed resource manager.

  • Sprint capacity planning
  • Order stories
  • Realtime updates
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Customize board layout
  • Supports both Scrum & Scrumban
  • Sprint backlog with User Stories & Issues
  • Greater visibility of info at widgets
  • Drag and drop across lanes
  • Re-order, tasks, issues and stories

Mega Planning Board Organize, manage, create and plan your Epics, Backlog, Sprints, Releases and Issues all at single place. It's simple, visual and most easy to use planning board for Agile organizations of any size.

Plan Sprints Manage Epics, associate user stories from multiple projects to Global Epics. Filter, Search and plan Epics. organize user stories under Epics
Organize Backlog Stories Manage Epics, associate user stories from multiple projects to Global Epics. Filter, Search and plan Epics. organize user stories under Epics
Manage Releases Manage Epics, associate user stories from multiple projects to Global Epics. Filter, Search and plan Epics. organize user stories under Epics
Track EpicsManage Epics, associate user stories from multiple projects to Global Epics. Filter, Search and plan Epics. organize user stories under Epics

Issue Tacker

Pristine Issue board that upturns the visibility, smooth and hassle free issue-cards movement across the board, furnished with MoScoW priority and many severity options. Powerful filtering to extract what is important, easy dependency setting to a User Story.

  • Kanban Style Grid View
  • Toggle to view as List
  • Export Issues
  • Powerful Filters
  • Capability to associate to other items
  • Multiple types of custom fields
  • MoSCoW Priority support
  • Define your own workflow
  • Complete history log
  • Recycle bin to restore deleted issues

Epics Management

Makes epic creation easy, quick linking to user stories, multiple project capability, high visibility to track progress, maintains Yodiz’s hall mark ease of use, leverages creating multiple user story dependencies and associations.

  • Global cross-project Epics
  • Split Epic with multiple stories
  • Associate issues or any other item
  • Realtime Epic progress
  • Easy Search & Filters
  • Prioritize Epics Backlog
  • Re-order stories associated to Epic
  • Quick inline edit and creation
  • Tag, notify users with Epic progress
  • Plan Epics at Planning Board

Release Management

Visual board to plan, manage and track release progress.

  • Set Release milestone dates
  • Release burn up charts
  • Track progress of user stories & Issues
  • Set priority order of items in release
  • Realtime release progress graphs
  • Customizable release board
  • Link multiple Sprints with single release
  • Easy search & filters
  • View high level progress indicators
  • Simple Visual board

ScrumBan Board

Extends power of scrum and simplicity of Kanban, Provides optimized processing states, gives a complete picture of Work in Progress (WIP), offers customized work flows, removes opaqueness and brings transparency.

  • Define limit of Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Offers customized work flows
  • Maintains priority sequences
  • View issues and user stories side by side
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Detailed statistics and Reports
  • Define Board Layout
  • Customize look and feel
  • Easy Search
  • Advanced Filters

Realtime Collaboration

Yodiz is designed to complement team collaboration across entire application. Provides built-in chat widget to facilitate team communication. Gives convenience to create new chat groups for different teams. Gives facility of adding hash tags during chat conversations. Ability to create comments threads using rich text editor to facilitate collaboration at Epics, US, Issues, Tasks, Sprint and Release level.

  • Notification of updates
  • Customizable Email notifications
  • Auto follow for items
  • Realtime push of notifications
  • Control when to notify others on updates
  • Mention & Notify users in comments
  • Live chat Groups
  • Default Project Team rooms
  • One-to-One Chat
  • Notifications support on Mobile apps

Fully Customizable

Yodiz provides customization to tailor application based on customer’s unique needs and requirements. Choice of Kanban or Scrum board, whatever suites best for the project. Gives leverage to select a number of unique board columns and their progress states. Flexible enough to let you create new fields and filters. Let teams choose list or grid view for issue tracker and much more customization options.

  • 7 types of Custom Fields
  • Customizable Sprint Boards
  • Customizable ScrumBan Boards
  • Issue Board with custom workflow
  • Release Board with dynamic panels
  • Customize status
  • Customize severity types
  • Add dynamic panels on all boards
  • Define Custom filters
  • List and Grid views

Import Wizards

Provides highly efficient import wizards to extract data from other projects as in including outside applications. Leverage to import user-stories as well as issues using CSV and smart CSV formats.

  • Import from Pivotal tracker
  • Import from Jira
  • Import from Redmine
  • Import from Mantis
  • Import from OnTimeNow (axosoft)
  • Import from FogBugz
  • CSV Import for issues
  • CSV import for Redmine
  • CSV import from Mantis
  • CSV import for user stories

External Integrations

Integrations with multiple different services for source code integrations, help desk software and build automation.

  • Recycle Bin

    Never loose any data, all your deleted stories, issues and Epics can easily be restored. With admin control, it's easy to manage.

  • Easy Search

    Search across all projects in all the data. With quick "Jump To" feature, get to details of any item with ID.

  • Unlimited Projects

    Manage teams, clients and products with projects. Create as many projects as you need with full control over who can see what.

  • Detailed statistics

    Realtime dashboards that provide detailed statistics and graphs. User level reports, timesheets, scope change graphs and more.

  • Printable Cards

    Export user stories, tasks and issues to PDF in nicely designed widget cards perfect for printing.

  • Export data

    Export all your data with CSV and PDF export options. Set filters and get your sprint, backlog and issues in CSV

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