How to Integrate Zendesk with Yodiz

Zendesk integration with Yodiz enables teams to view, plan and manage customer tickets with ease. You can convert Zendesk tickets into Issues or User Stories.

  • Login at Yodiz
  • Go to "More" from top navigation and select "Zendesk"
  • You will be prompted with form to fill 3 fields that are required for configuring Yodiz integration with Zendesk
  • Sub domain: It is prefix of Zendesk URL for your company, for example subdomain will be "yodiztest" for Zendesk URL:
  • Email: Admin email address of your Zendesk account (Usually the account with you sign-up at Zendesk)
  • Token:You need to get the token from Zendesk portal. Please follow these steps
  • Login to Zendesk account
  • From Left menu at Zendesk click on "Settings icon"
  • Scroll the page and find "Channels" heading
  • Click on "API"
  • From settings click on Token Access checkbox "Enabled"
  • Copy the Token
  • IMPORTANT: Scroll down on the Zendesk page and press "SAVE" button. It seems that SAVE button is bit hidden under scroll and if you forget to press SAVE button the integration might not work, as the Token will become invalid

  • You are done. If you face any issue, please Contact Support