How to Integrate Slack with Yodiz

Integrations for Slack webhook can be accessed through the SCM Integrations page.

Integration Steps

  • Login to Yodiz
  • On the top menu, press More.
  • From this menu, select SCM Integration.
  • On the next screen, from the left side menu, select Slack webhook.
  • Press the Add new button.
  • On the resulting screen you will be required to fill in a number of fields.
  • First enter a Descriptive label. Use this label to provide extra context in your list of integrations.
  • Then enter the Webhook URL. This can be acquired from your Slack Integration setup page.
  • Then enter which Channel to use for incoming messages. Messages that are sent to the incoming webhook will be posted on this channel.
  • Finally select the projects for which you want updates to be pushed to the Slack channel.