How to use Post Commit Webhook for Yodiz

Integrations for Post Commit Webhook can be accessed through the SCM Integrations page.

Integration Steps

  • Login to Yodiz
  • On the top menu, press More.
  • From this menu, select SCM Integration.
  • On the next screen, from the left side menu, select Post Commit Webhook.
  • Sample Json to be posted on above URL, you should put your own value against each Json keys.
    "comments" : "your comments go here e.g @B1:R (will mark bug 1 status as resolved)",
    "repuser" : "your code repository user name e.g Gabby",
    "scmType" : "code repository type you are using e.g svn/git/tfs etc",
    "revision" : "code revision e.g 3343",
    "branch" : "code branch e.g main",
    "log" : ["file1.txt modified","file2.txt added"]