How to Integrate UserVoice with Yodiz

UserVoice i ntegration with Yodiz enables teams to view, plan and manage customer tickets with ease. You can convert UserVoice tickets and Ideas into Issues or User Stories.

Integration Steps

  • Login at Yodiz
  • Go to "More" from top navigation and select "UserVoice"
  • Click on "Uservoice Setup" link from left menu
  • You will be prompted with form to fill 3 fields that are required for configuring Yodiz integration with UserVoice.
  • Sub domain: It is prefix of uservoice URL for your company, for example subdomain will be "yodiztest" for uservoice URL:
  • Consumer Key & Consumer Secret: Follow these steps to get these values from UserVoice portal
  • Login at your uservoice account
  • Click on settings icon from top right corner
  • Scroll the page and find "Channels" heading
  • Click on "Uservoice API Keys"
  • Click on Add "API Client" button
  • Now fill the fields in pop-up. "Name" could be any, it's just for your own reference
  • Application URL can point to ""
  • Click on checkbox "Trusted" (Very important step)

  • Now you will see the API information, copy the "Key" and "Secret" and paste it at Yodiz
  • Press SETUP NOW button at Yodiz, it will now take you to UserVoice authorization page, login there and press "Allow use of "

  • You are done. If you face any issue, please Contact Support