Remove, Deactivate or Delete a User

In this article, we will cover three different scenarios of handling users deletion or removal. 1. Remove User [...]

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Administration settings, projects, users and billing

Administration landing page offers quick navigation to all possible settings and customization.  Projects Following actions are available under this [...]

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How to create a new project?

A project is placeholder to keep your work together. To create a new project, you may need Admin [...]

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Using Recycle Bin

The onset panic after accidentally deleting a work item is a thing of the past. Following deleted items [...]

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Use “Status Reason” in Project

Very often teams want to log the reason when some status of an Item (User Story, Issue, and [...]

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Project Settings

Project Settings allows you to manage your projects and offers project level customizations. It can be only accessed [...]

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In this article we will discuss following things: Yodiz subscription Price Change Billing Plan View and update Payment [...]

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User Roles and their description

In this article we will discuss following things: User Roles Global Permissions FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Users access [...]

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Billing FAQs

In this article we will discuss following things: Payment Management Billing Product Packages Pricing Payment Management How I [...]

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Custom Status Set

Status Set is an assortment of custom statuses, which are used to track workflow of an item (Tasks, [...]

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Item Workflow Scheme

Workflow is an assortment of statuses, which are used to track the progress of an item. Each Project [...]

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What does ‘Is Priority Sort Dependent?’ do?

The “Is priority sort dependant” option can be found in the Project settings in the Administration menu. This [...]

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What is User Story Priority?

The Use Priority feature can be found in Project Settings in the Administration menu. Priority of a User [...]

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How to add components

There are two methods to add Components. Via Project Level Settings Via Inline Method Related: how to Manage [...]

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How to use “Status Reason”

Very often teams want to log the reason when some issue/bug status is changed to resolved, ignored or [...]

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How to manage components

In a Project, one way to group your data is by defining your Project components. These components can [...]

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