Paying a Pending Transaction

If your transaction is pending, for the reason that current payment method information is not valid and you [...]

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Can I restore a deleted item?

Yes, you can restore a deleted item from recycle bin. Restoring information differs per item type. Click on [...]

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Restore a Project

Recovering a Project will restore all its work items including User Story, Issue and Tasks. Item Id of [...]

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Change Default Order settings per Board

This setting is used to sort the board Items according to your selection of Project. Changing default "Order [...]

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Create New Board Layout

To create a new board layout, you have to mention Project for which you are creating new board. [...]

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Switching To another Board Layout

Each existing board layout can be shared and used within your organization. Board layout options are dependent upon [...]

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Delete a Board Layout

A board layout can only be deleted when it is not used by any project. A Board Layout [...]

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What are Custom Fields?

If the built-in System fields of an item do not fulfill your project needs and you want to [...]

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Associate Custom Field with Custom Screen

Creation of a Custom Field does not associate it with any project item. To include Custom Field as [...]

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Manage Star Priority Labels

Star Priorities help to classify User Story importance concerning business value. Get the most important User Stories done [...]

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Why I need Custom Screen?

Custom Screen is one step towards tailoring your Item screen according to your needs. Customizing a Screen, let [...]

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Update Payment Settings – Credit Card and other changes

There are multiple cases where one needs to change the Credit Card details or simply wants to switch [...]

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How do I define a New Role?

Super Admin can define a new User Role in your organization. Once a new role is defined then [...]

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Where can I find Yodiz End User Agreement?

The Terms & Conditions are provided to the User at the Signup page. For details, see Terms and [...]

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How payment will be adjusted if you change package?

If you already purchased a package and make changes later in the package or number of users, Yodiz [...]

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How to Downgrade Subscription?

You can downgrade your subscription to Free. Go to navigation menu, Setting > Billing > Payment Management Page [...]

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Does Yodiz support On-Site Server License?

To purchase Yodiz On-site subscription package, contact us.

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How I can calculate subscription cost?

You can view Pricing for all services that Yodiz offers. Go to Settings Icon > Billing > Payment [...]

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What Payment Duration Options are available?

Payments can be made Monthly, Quarterly, Half Year and Annually. Package prices differ and depend on time duration.

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Any specific Roles and Permissions needed to make a payment?

User must have Admin Rights to update payment settings. Users who are assigned as Payment Responsibles are able [...]

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