As every owner of a product knows, keeping track of your projects at your company can be a daunting task. Product owners need to keep themselves constantly updated on the status of their projects, and need to see statistics to track their progress. Such a person many then turn to a Project management tool to meet his or her needs. However, most project management tools are not adequate in this regard, as they face a problem in data visibility. However, Yodiz is fully equipped to handle these problem. Yodiz offers an array of features to make tracking projects easy and viable.

Track Agile Project with Yodiz

1. Data Visibility

Data visibility refers to the ability of tracking, mapping and managing things. Yodiz allows you to perform global searches, i.e. search queries are made across all boards that are present within a project. Additionally, smart search allows you to search against tags placed on work items on any board.

2. Custom configurations for priority levels

Yodiz allows you to sort items according to priority levels. Priority levels allow you to prioritize work items, which allows you which items need to be focused on first by the team. In the case of Issues this mean the Moscow priority rating. For User Stories a star-based rating system is available, where 1 star co notates the lowest priority and 5 stars the highest priority.

3. Sprint analytics and Release analytics

The option to view Sprint and Release analytics allows you to track the progress of Sprints and Releases by making use of detailed statistical data. By using these tools, a manager is able to keep track of daily, weekly or monthly progress of their projects.

4. Control Room dashboards

The dashboard area in Yodiz can be considered a 'Control Room' for product owners as this is the main area where progress can be tracked. The dashboards make it easy to evaluate workflow for a product owner. The dashboard allows you to place various widgets (graphs and other statistics) which in turn make it very easy to evaluate the workflow of any project.

5. E-mail notifications

Yodiz gives you the feature of receiving e-mail notifications. Notifications can be configured to be sent out whenever a specific function is performed by anyone in the team e.g. if someone has set your status as Other Responsible in a User Story, you can choose to receive and e-mail notification whenever this happens.  If you reply to a notification e-mail, the reply will show up as a comment in Yodiz.

6. Interact via E-mail

Similarly, the interact via e-mail option allows you to create work items in detail, directly from your e-mail inbox. This allows you to work on the go.

7. Slack Integration

Yodiz allows you to integrate Slack for use with Yodiz. Slack allows you seamless conversation between a team, which can be used to have a constant heads up of the workflow of the team.

8. The Time sheet

The time sheet is a report that allows you to track each user individually. They keep track of each individual user’s effort logs, which allows you to see which users are most and least productive. The report also lets you make time estimations for when work can be completed.

9. Print PDF option

The print as PDF option allows you to print data in the form of a PDF document, which allows you to keep physical copies of data as reports.

Yodiz makes tracking projects simple by offering you a powerful set of tools which allow you to keep abreast of the ins and outs of any project.