SEO vs PPC Which One Creates More Advantages
Guest Blogger: Jacob Colleen

Jacob Colleen

Jacob Colleens works as an Digital Marketer at Webby Central, a renowned digital marketing firm. His skills and knowledge in business consulting and branding are trusted by many leading businesses. In the above post, he has made a quick comparison between SEO and PPC mentioning their advantages and drawbacks.



Are you investing into a new business and not sure about how to promote it? Well, if the answer is yes, you need to understand the importance of brand presence. When it comes to increased visibility on searches, people often get confused among choosing SEO or PPC. Although both of the digital marketing techniques serve the same purpose, but they still differ in terms of having a different set of advantages and disadvantages. The decision to opt for SEO or PPC depends on the goal of your business. This blog delivers an insight to the benefits and drawback of both SEO and PPC programs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Also referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization occurs when a website is optimized for higher rankings within the search results. The most profound search engine, Google features more than 200 factors that decide whether a website will be ranked within the search results or not. Since it allows you to show up on organic searches, it is completely free.

After acquiring higher ranking on search result pages, results remain live for a while and there are increased chances of sustained traffic. Organic results availed via SEO have a higher click-through rate in comparison to a paid ad. SEO is a long-term process that takes time to show up for results and indexed for certain search terms. Technically, SEO is free but to optimize a website fully via this process requires a great number of resources as well as time.

SEO is much beyond optimizing a website and allowing its content to rank higher on searches. It is also related to the authority on a given topic. Well-known search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google also observe how users interact with the website.

PPC (Pay-per-click)

PPC is a model for advertising in which a business needs to pay for each click that their ad gets. Advertisement via search engines is the most common version of PPC. This happens when you bid for your advertisement to display when an individual searches a keyword that is relevant to the business being offered. PPC advertising is majorly used on social media platforms like Facebook wherein the ads can be served as per individual’s demographics, interests or other specifications that the brand has chosen. The best part about PPC is that once it is launched, the increase in traffic is immediate.

There are a plethora of platforms available for PPC, but you need to select an offer that helps you in reaching your desired goal. PPC definitely has higher conversions than organic traffic. One of the disadvantages of PPC campaign is that businesses need to pay for their campaign to appear. The rise in traffic may be immediate.

It is vital to practice PPC smartly to achieve optimal results. It has been observed that businesses lose money from PPC campaign if they fail to execute them properly.

Are Organic Searches Better Than PPC?

The greatest advantage of SEO is bringing in quality leads and organic traffic . In the long run, SEO brings fruitful results. There are many users on the web who believe in ignoring the paid results when searching on the web.

According to some of the trustworthy resources, it has been found that customers are more likely to trust the organic search data. When your business ranks higher on Google via a keyword phrase, it gives a positive signal that you will be seen as a credible source in your industry.

Assuming that SEO is completely free is definitely not good. It is definitely going to cost you something, either your time or resources to bring in fruitful results.

Which Strategy You Should Adopt?

Answering this question is a bit complicated. However, again it depends! There are multiple factors that go into deciding which of the two is right for your business. When it comes to a long-term strategy, SEO is the right choice. Some of the SEO efforts like a properly optimized content and page speed will offer better user experience than the ones visiting via PPC. All these things keep a visitor engaged, thereby making it less likely that they will abandon the website.

In short words, before starting off, it is important to consider the objectives of your business. Also, there are needful questions that must be answered while considering SEO or PPC.

What Makes PPC The Better Choice?

There are multiple advantages of choosing PPC over SEO. If your PPC is set up correctly, there are chances you get a significant return on investment. This depends upon who is paying how much to show up better on searches.

Other advantage that PPC offers is the power to advertise on other websites that have greater traffic.

The Bottom Line

When choosing between SEO and PPC, what works best for you depends on multiple factors. PPC offers an initial jolt to your digital marketing efforts. To get the best out of PPC, it is important to acquire training and certifications. On the other hand, SEO takes a bit time to bring the most qualified leads. The results are simply unmatchable.

When done in a planned and right direction, both SEO and PPC get you on the front page of searches. If you are profitable with PPC, you can invest here also to acquire a huge clientele base. Businesses should consider using PPC to test conversion rates at the beginning and offer a steam of traffic after algorithm updates. SEO, offers higher ROI over the duration of campaign.

It is therefore important to incorporate both the strategies in SEM campaign, keeping in mind the business objective. It is important to have a diversified game plan for both. Knowing that each technique has its own advantages and drawbacks, it is hard to identify which one is good or bad. It all depends on your business and its needs. Also, you must consider your budget and how much efforts are you willing to invest in to make your business successful on the web.


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