Top SEO tools complete list (free and paid 106 best SEO tools)

Top SEO Tools Complete List (free and paid 106 best SEO tools)

SEO Tools are significant for increasing traffic on your website. Getting rankings and organic traffic on your website would be impossible if you don’t use proper SEO tools and techniques. There are uncountable free and paid SEO tools available online which can be highly beneficial for your website rankings.

We have compiled a list of exceptional SEO tools. As you need more then one SEO tool to satisfy your need for increasing your website traffic. Let’s have a looser look at all the comprehensive list of top SEO tools .

Top SEO tools, Complete List of SEO Tools and Services

1- Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Anchor Text over Optimization Tool is used to identify anchor text diversity and also highlight those areas which are at risk for anchor text over optimization.

2- KeywordSpy

This tool helps you in profitable list of keyword research.

3- screaming frog

Small spider tool for websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective.

4- HubSpot

A Single hub to collect, translate & route your customer data.

5- SpyFu

SpyFu Help you to download your competitors’ profitable keywords.

6- Similarweb

Similarweb help in Competitor’s traffic figures, Organic keywords, Engagement metrics and Get traffic insights for any website or app

7- Seer Toolbox

It’s a tool Suite for Analytics and Link Research for traffic gaining.

8- SEOgadget Links API

Help you to unlock the incredible capabilities of tool provider data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords within Excel.

9- Majestic SEO

This tool helps in link Research, Competitive Intelligence and Link Building.

10- Majestic SEO API

Helps in API (Application program interface) that how software components should interact and Link Research.

11- XML Sitemap Inspector

This SEO tool validate your XML sitemap. It makes your sitemap free from errors and ping to all major search engines.

12- Mozscape API

This tool put powerful web crawler and index of over 162 Billion URLs in the palm of your hands.

13- Title and Description Optimization Tool:

This is an optimization tool to optimize title tags and Meta description tag.

14- Open Site Explorer

This tool help you to Link Research, defining, gathering, analyzing data and Link Building.

15- Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing data webmaster tool uncover keyword data & drive traffic to your site.

16- Buzzstream Tools Suite

This tool help to find link opportunities, conduct link research or automate link building tasks.

17- GTmetrix:

It helps you to analyze the performance and speed of your website.

18- Meta SEO Inspector

A Google chrome app used to easily inspect metadata on any site with one simple click.

19- Google Webmaster

Help you to Track your site’s search performance.

20- Merge Words

This site combine sets of words easily & automatically.

21- WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

This google plugin helps you to detects the theme and plugins used in WordPress and display information about them.

22- Lynx Help Page

it’s a plain text browser, which show you how crawler or search engine sees the page.

23- SEO Extension

This extension provides you SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others.

24- WebRank SEO

For Google: “>

For Mozilla Firefox

Helps you to get website stats directly from your browser.

25- NerdyData

NerdyData is like a Search engine for source code.

26- Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

This site provide few tools to find broken links, redirects, site crawl tool, On-Page Optimization Tool and image and link analyzer tool.

27- SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar pulls in many useful marketing data points to make it easy and get a holistic view of competitive landscape of market directly in search results.

28- SEO Tools for Excel

This site provides you some Analytics, Social, On page, off page SEo tools.

29- SEO gadget Tools

This site provides some Content Strategy Generator, Highcharts Generator and Infographic embedded tools.

30- SEO Quake

SEOquake tool is used to obtain information about any website for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and many others.

For Google:

For Opera Mini

31- Virante SEO Tools

This site provide you some content checking and optimizing tool.

32- Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Wordstream is a SEO keyword tool. It helps in performing ongoing organize, analyze keyword research. This SEO tool also provide the facility to search engine optimizer in keyword discovery tools, keyword grouping, long-tail keyword tools and SEO content creation tools.

33- MozBar

This toolbar gives a lot of information about SEO metrics, custom searches, Keyword ranks and also social media metrics.

34- Moz Open Site Explorer

Tool for Research backlinks, identify top pages & analyze anchor text.

35- SEMrush

Tools Suite, Keyword Research, Competitive Intelligence Research organic and paid keywords for any site or domain.

36- Moz Analytics

This site provides lot of marketing related tools.

37- Raven:

This site provide Diagnostic, Content and Social marketing related tools.

38- Bitly

This site provides Social marketing and analytics tools.

39- CircleCount

This site provides analytics and Social marketing tools.

40- Google Analytics

Google’s web analytics & reporting platform for your website to analyze your site and make site ranking more better.

41- Google Analytics API

Google tool for API and Analytics.

42- Piwik:

A leading open source Analytics platform.

43- SharedCount

Track your URL shares, likes, and more.

44- Siteliner

This tool help you to find duplicate content, broken links, & benchmark data.


Generate new keyword suggestions around your main keyword.

46- YouTube Keyword Tool

This tool helps a lot to find keywords that people are mostly used while searching on
This tool give you the right keywords that you can use in YouTube keyword description and title, So YouTube and Google give you the right audience for your video.

47- YouTube Analytics

This tool help you to analyze your videos for better optimization.

48- RowFeeder

A social analytics solution tool.

49- StatCounter

Tool to use statcounter to monitor actual human activity in real-time.

50- Panguin Tool

It is a Google algorithm update & penalty checker tool.

51- Fangs:

This Mozilla Firefox extension creates a plain web page similar to how the page would be read by a modern screen reader.


E-mail address verification tool.

53- Sitemap Generators

This is a google tool to generate your sitemap for search engine.

54- Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

A tool which is used from word to clean HTML conversion. This tool strips out invalid or Impropriate tags.


This help you to create your sitemap. So you can submit it to Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

56- WebPagetest:

It helps you to test your website speed and performance.

57- Remove Duplicate Items

This tool is used for removing duplicate pages.

58- Scraper for Chrome

Limited data mining extension for facilitating online research.

59- Followerwonk

Gives you the facility to Find, Analyze, and Optimize your Social Growth.

60- Buffer

Smarter way to share things on social media.

61- SharedCount API

Help you to Track your URL shares, likes, and more.

62- Social Authority API

This social tool helps you to find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience.

63- Social Mention

Used for real-time social media search and analysis.

64- KnowEm

Tool for your social media search and analysis.

65- BuiltWith

Help you to find out what websites are built with.

66- Wayback Machine

This tool help you to check your site history.

67- Searchmetrics Visibility Charts

A platform for Search & Content Performance.

68- SERPmetrics

This site provide you the flux charts.

69- SimilarWeb

Discover your own site or app and competitor’s’ website traffic statistics.

70- Whois Lookup

This site provide you the complete information about your domain name, IP address and honor name etc.

71- CloudFlare

This site helps you to supercharge your website.

72- Content Strategy Generator Tool:

This site help you to find inspiration for your research topics quickly and easily.

73- Copyscape:

This tool is used for plagiarism checking. This software help you to detect the duplicate content and check if your articles are original or not.

74- Google Public Data

It provide your site metrics.

75- MyBlogGuest

This online tool help you in link building and Content research.

76- Similar Page Checker

Help you to find similar pages on your site.

77- Text Cleaner

This is a quick, easy, web based way to clean up text and fix them when copying and pasting between applications. It remove email indents, find and replace, clean up spacing, line breaks, word characters and more.

78- Wordle

It gives you greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in source text.

79- nTopic

It helps you to improve your existing content.

80- Visual Website Optimizer:

A/B Testing Software for Marketers.

81- Optimizely

An optimization platform for websites and also provide A/B testing service.

82- Domain Hunter Plus

Best broken link checker.

83- Linkstant:

It helps you to discover your new link immediately.

84- SEO Site Checkup

A Site for to quickly find out what’s wrong with your website or code.

85- SumoMe:

Provides you Free tools to grow your website traffic.

86- Yoast SEO Plugin

The only WordPress SEO plugin you’ll likely ever need to optimize your wordpress site. And also provide lot of features to support you site.

87- Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

This toolkit helps you with his detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions which helps to improve the relevance of your website in search results.

88- Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Predict how your web page will look in Google’s search results. Help you to optimize your SERP snippets for higher click-through rates.

89- Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Tool which gives you the facility for testing structures data markup and also rich snippet display, including marked up in microdata, JSON-LD, RDFa, RDFa lite, and Microformats.

90- Google Snippet Preview

This tool can optimize the content of your titles and snippets to maximize the CTR (click-through rate) from Search engine (Google).

91- Robots.txt Checker

This tool Analyze your robots.txt file to help ensure Google and other search engines are crawling properly or not.

92- Schema Creator

Search engines create a structure data standard which is called This tool help you to quickly build and get started with microdata.

93- Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is easy for marketers to add & update their website tags.

94- URI Valet

URI Valet is a culmination of tools which you can use on regular basis when performing technical audits, site reviews and overall document quality control.

95- Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This tool automatically connects to your site and starts crawling in your site as any search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) would crawl it up.

96- Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Quickly analyse, audit and review your site’s code & onsite SEO.

97- Frobee Robots.txt Checker

This tool help to ensure that search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.) are crawling and indexing your site properly or not.

98- Rank Checker for Firefox

It’s a free rank checker tool for firefox.

99- Whitespark Local Citation Finder

This help you where to list your business, examine your competition, and monitor your citation growth for better local search rankings.

100- Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword plan your search campaigns & discover keyword traffic data.

101- Keyword Eye Basic

This tool help a lot in keyword research. It is very useful for keyword analysis for both our PPC (Pay per Click) and SEO Campaigns.

102- Google Trends

This feature help you in keyword research and exploring the top searched topics.

103- Ubersuggest

This tool helps a lot to quickly find new keywords which are not available in the Google keyword planner.

104- Wordtracker

It is a free keyword research tool.

105- Google PageSpeed Insights

It helps you to make your web pages fast on all devices.

106- Pingdom

This tool is used to analyze the load speed of websites then find bottlenecks and tells us how to resolve them.

107- linkio

A simpler, smarter way to manage your link building.Linkio is the best way to plan, track, automate, and report on link building campaigns, enabling you to move from start to impact – fast

Top SEO tools complete list (free and paid 106 best SEO tools)