What is Daily stand up or daily scrum meeting?

The Daily standup or daily scrum meeting is one of the rituals of the Scrum methodology. On each day of a sprint, the team holds a meeting called the ‘Daily scrum’. The meetings are usually held at the same time in the same location each day. The duration of the meetings is strictly limited to 15-20 minutes, in order to encourage relevant discussion.

How to run daily scrum/standup in scrum?

The Daily standup is one of Scrum’s most important rituals. It must happen daily and on time. The Scrum Master needs to ensure that the Daily standup happens every day and that all team members are attending it.

How to make the Daily stand up successful:

  • Everyone should be on time.
  • It must be attended by all team members and the Scrum Master.
  • The Scrum Master must lead the meeting.
  • The duration of the meeting should not exceed 10-15 minutes.
  • During the meeting, all team members should be standing in a circle.
  • Every member should be able to answer three questions:
    • What did I do yesterday?
    • What am I going to do today?
    • Are there any problems or impediments in my way?

What is Sprint retrospective meeting?

Sprint retrospective is where the scrum got to postmortem the sprint, its way the sprint was bad, good or how to improve it etc. Team can also use sprint retrospective tools to manage the retrospective process

What is Scrum of Scrum?

The Scrum of Scrums is a scaling mechanism. Scrum scales fractals and by doing so limits the number of communication pathways needed to transmit information relevant to the success of the enterprise.

The Scrum of Scrums is analogous to the team level Daily Scrum except for the Scrum of Scrums is a virtual team composed of representatives from a number of individual Scrum teams that collaborate to integrate and ship a product(s)

What is spike in scrum?

A spike is a story that cannot be estimated until a development team runs a time-boxed investigation. The output of a spike story is an estimate for the original story.