Simple Steps to Increase Team Productivity

Simple Steps to Increase Team Productivity

Let’s start with understanding what team productivity exactly is.

Team productivity definition

Productivity is generally understood as the measure of efficiency. In today’s world when human resource is asset to organizations. However, most fail at getting the maximum out of employees. Productivity is how much one can accomplish in a given time. There’s no productivity improvement formula.

However, team productivity definition is a bit different than productivity definition. The definition of team productivity is has dissimilar meaning. People understand it according to their industry, department and upper management. Generally, team productivity is a measure of activities performed for quality output in a specific amount of time. It also involves raising the satisfaction of employees and providing them necessary tools to perform the tasks with complete efficiency.

Steps to improve team productivity

This guide contains easy steps that you can use to enhance team productivity. You can also check our latest article on Easy team building activities at workplace.
Let’s have a look at the awesome and easy steps that you can use to improve team productivity.

1. Keep the dialogue open

It is a great strategy. When you keep the dialogue open it means that your employees can come to you whenever they need. This also means that your employees can come to give you suggestions, which has a great value for a company. When employees suggest you something, it means you get to understand from your employee perspective.

You can also ask for suggestions from employees. Sometimes employees have no idea how much they are helping you to improve just by pouring in this suggestion. Therefore, never neglect a suggestion from your employees.

2. Ensure accountability

It is important for productivity measurement along with keeping the employees aware, alert and motivated. Employees must know that whatever good and bad they do, they are answerable to the company.

This motivates the employees to perform well because they know that they will be dealt accordingly. It also keeps the employees from doing bad stuff because they’d fear accountability.

3. Use productivity apps and tools

There are different team building and productivity apps available to manage and motivate your employees. You can check these Top 50 Productivity Apps for improving productivity of your team.

4. Provide trainings

Productivity trainings are genuinely important because nothing motivate employees better than trainings. When employees have complete grip over their tasks, they are most likely to be productive. Trainings must be provided to all members of the company. They should also be accessible to everyone in your staff.

5. Replace bosses with leaders

There has been a long debate on leaders’ vs bosses. The leaders are more likely to induce team building and team productivity. The leaders help employees to rise while raising the company along.

While bosses don’t emphaticize employees and focus on getting loads of work done while lowering the quality and demotivating employees. This naturally become one of the factors affecting productivity.

6. Focus on bigger picture

The bigger picture is always important. When you start worrying about small details and micromanage everything, your employees are the first one to start getting irritated. When you want employees to work in a specific way, you should give clear instructions rather than hovering over them. Give them the confidence to perform and they will perform productively. It is one of important basics in Agile Project Management as it helps your employees to stay focused.

Final Word

Productivity improvement is imperative if a company needs to survive in the current challenging environment. Productivity is the only way to go. Focus on team building and team productivity to attain bigger goals.