Improve productivity for sales team

How productivity can grow your business sales

Productivity is the essence of everything in business. Productive team will likely grow your business and expand your sales. Incorporating productivity in every department must be the core responsibility of team leaders and even upper management. Importance of productivity just can’t be denied in growth and development of business.

So what’s basically productivity in sales or sales productivity.

Sales productivity concept

Sales productivity is no rocket science. It’s just a simple concept which once understood can maximize your business sales with potentially lesser resource consumption. Usually a very less percentage in sales department is productive and efficient while the rest of the team has a room for improvement.

Here’s a quick Productivity Lesson that you must be aware of for encouraging productivity in your sales team.

List of musts for a sales team

Before we move further you need to check current status of your sales team. The skillset they have must be ideal according to market standards. There are some musts for a sale person that every member in sales team must possess. If your sales team lack these following skills, you need to do incubate some productivity.

  • Sales people are passionate
  • They have complete knowledge of product
  • They know customer requirements
  • They can engage you in stories
  • They have sense of humour
  • They are exceptional listeners
  • They love the brand they grow
  • They can sell (Duh)

How to incorporate productivity in sales team

There is no need for rigorous trainings and hectic sessions in order to improve productivity. Just simple steps can increase your sales team productivity and in turn your business. Follow these simple steps to ensure your sales team productivity.


Enhance Productivity at Work.

1) Encourage creativity

This is most important when incubating productivity because productivity never comes without creativity. When your sales team have chances to implicate their strategies in practical sales, your sales might just reach exceptional point.


In today’s world Social Media can play a great role in enhancing your sales. If some individual in your sales department has this wonderful sales referral idea through social media campaign and proposes it to the head of sales. It has actual potential of enhancing your business sales. Thus encourage creativity and employee opinion. Also when potential ideas of employees are valued, they generate a sense of healthy competition in other staff. All this in turn are a signs of productive team.

2) Equip them

We don’t mean like batman suits but yeah his technology would be great. Give all the required items to sales department. Make them techy and prefer them performing every sale via computers so there are valid records for everything. Keeping sales records in manual is quite difficult and challenging so give your sales department every chance to automate the system.


There are project management software’s which can support your entire sale campaigns. Also, such software ensure productivity, save time and enhance accuracy which is crux of productivity.

Check out this link to find about Top 50 Productivity Software(s) and Applications. This list contains list of top 50 productivity applications for all platforms including Mac, mobile and windows.

3) Encourage connections

It is likely that even indirect connections to someone increases the chances of sales. Direct connections are obviously important in this purpose. The best communication skills can also enhance your team’s ability to make more sales and be more productive.


It’s very obvious arrange meetings with target audience and sometimes with people who can take you to target audience. Word of mouth is very important in enhancing productivity. When you let your employees meet up with people and make connections, you are basically getting opportunity of more exposure and more sales. It is important for your team members to have best communication skills for this purpose.

Here’s how you can “Improve Communication Skills in Your Team.”

4) Integrate Marketing and Sales

In today’s world no business could survive without modern marketing techniques. Integrating marketing and sales would mean that your business sales will grow in line with modern techniques. Integrating marketing and sales enhance both teams’ productivity as they get more exposure and motivation.

5) Learn from top productive people

No matter how productive you get and how up to date you are. There are always room for improvement as the productivity approaches are constantly updating.


Learn from top productive people the Most Famous Productivity Hacks.

Final words

Productivity plays a great role in upgrading your business sales. it has been seen from various examples that productivity alone can increase your business growth.