The world is full of good presentations, but “great” presentations are “rare” which are visually striking. Here are some of “the best”, visual content.
This is how a killer content is defined. Here are 12 striking SlideShare presentations, about social media, the way we use technology, lean & product development, the reality about world, art of presentation, the art of public speaking, big idea, visual marketing trends, etc.

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1. Designing Technology For A Balanced Life

This simple, charming and beautifully done slides, tells everything about how we use technology and how it’s impossible to unplug.

What is our desire for a balanced life, let 2016 be about designing technology for well-being.

A Year for Mindful Technology from Pamela Pavliscak

2. 10 Guy Kawasaki Quotes That Every Marketer Must Know

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984.He is the Chief Evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool.

10 Times Guy Kawasaki Proved That He Knows Social Media Better Than Anyone Else. from Ayesha Ambreen

3. Be Bold …

Powerful, bold and aggressive, very concise guide for presenting boldly and loudly

Fuck Normality – Be Bold & Aggressive! from Ayman Sadiq

4. Lean, Kanban, Agile, and Project Management Methodologies

This slide said it all. 60 slides tell the full story of product development, product creation, product management, product mangement and more.

Building is the easy part, figuring out what to build and how to build is difficult

Lean Product Management – ACE 2015 from Melissa Perri

5. Content is the King

Must read slides for content and marketing strategists, marketing managers and startups.

Inbound Marketing: How Content is Your Secret Weapon #contentisrael15 from Matthew Barby

6. Facbook Nations

Must read guide to tap on huge digital marketing opportunity in Southeast Asia

Digital, Social & Mobile in Southeast Asia in 2015 from We Are Social Singapore

7. Design for the user, Not yourself.

Best UX guide for designer and product managers.

5 Golden Rules of UX from Melissa Perri

8. 25 Lessons from some of the most successful entrepreneurs

What we can learn 25 most successful entrepreneurs of our times. What was their journey to success, nothing happen without hard work and patience.

25 Lessons Learned From Top Entrepreneurs from MAP Communications

9. Marketing Is Visual

Visual marketing trends.

5 visual marketing trends you should check in 2016 from Katai Robert

10. The Unpleasant Truth

Best slide, one of the favorite one. Tells the full story of our world and its harsh reality.

Our World is Hungry from Empowered Presentations! Presentation Design Company

11. Perfecting Your Pitch(focused on what we say, and not how we act)

This guide is for those, who have a public speaking phobia. Most of us approach the situation with the wrong mindset, which in turn makes us live out our worst fears in a public forum.

Michael Parker ad man of 1000 pitckes. Once the Vice-Chairman of London’s Saatchi & Saatchi, and one of the world’s most experienced advertising pitch men, having made more than 1,000 pitches in his successful career, Parker has learned first-hand that an effective presentation, a job interview, or even a speech at a wedding hinges on our ability to portray ourselves as passionate, relatable, and collected. But, if we are focused on what we say, and not how we act, we will fail to persuade our audience.

Applied in the boardroom, at the pulpit, or even in conversation, these tenets will help you present better in any situation.

28 Pitching Essentials from Michael Parker

12. Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

The 25 entrepreneurial, leadership and business books on this list are designed to help those budding entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Top 25 Entrepreneur Books to Read in 2016 from Steve Scott

Yodiz Slide on Slideshare

Some of our slides in Slideshare about Agile Methodologies

1. What is Agile Product Owner

Product-owner-job-description from Agile Project Management

2. What is Scrum Master

Scrum master-role-by-best-agile-scrum-book-and-guide from Agile Project Management

3. Product Management and House of Cards

Agile Management – House of Cards from Agile Project Management

4. Agile Retrospective

Agile scrum-retrospective from Agile Project Management

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