how to write a viral blog posts making a killer blogging content

1. How to write killer and go viral blogpost

Going viral is what every blogger wants. However, it is not very simple. It requires a lot of focus, modern tips, ultimate techniques and most importantly go viral content. Your content must connect with your audience, it must be relevant yet unique. A successful blog is a huge asset for a business. With useful content, trending topic and quality headline you can make your blog worthy. But it wouldn’t be of any use if you don’t market your blog on various channels. Thus, content creation and content marketing is both equally vital for a successful blog.

There are many ways to ensure that your blogs go viral. Fortunately, we have picked up easiest ones for our readers. Following steps are tried, tested and proved to provide satisfactory results.

1.1 Put humor in your blog

Try finding some fun or humor relevant to the area of your blogging, no matter how serious the topic you are deal with, there is alway a humor aspect of it. If you are writing about project or agile project management, marketing, SEO, team’s productivity,etc. I am sure there is plenty of topics you will find which bring a smile on the reader’s face.

1.2 Infographics

Infographics really goes viral if done properly, do your research and pick an interesting topic in your domain. Use Canva or any other tool to create infographics.
Some of the other tools for creating infogrphics

1) Infogram
2) Visme
3) Visually


Here is one example of our Best Productivity Hacks Infographic, it help us to get around 33k views in few months.


1.3 Few quick tips

Let’s go through some quick tips before actually getting in to details. These tips are mandatory for every blog you write. Thus make sure that you apply these tips.

Create keyword friendly content: Yes, indeed the most important and obsolete tip. But trust me it has the ability to make your blog go viral. Keywords must be adjusted in your blogpost and they must feel like a part of your content, not just keywords.

User Images: Blog with images is 40% have higher chances to be shared or click, so adding relevant and interesting photo increase the chances of your blog to be shared more. Images help in engaging your audience. It makes content easy to understand and interesting as well.

Proofread: it is again one of most important elements of creating a go viral post. Your content wouldn’t impress your readers if it is full of errors. It even negates the worthiness of point you’re explaining. Thus, proofread your content before posting it on your blog.

Let’s take you through the details of getting extremely viral. But don’t worry, we work hard to keep it concise.

1.4 Put a fancy heading

Heading is the first thing your readers aim for. Heading should be relevant and extremely attractive. Don’t be afraid to fancy stuff in the title. Brag a little as it pays off really well. In your title include killer keywords like fantastic, mind blowing, dynamite and all. Also, give your audience a number in a title so they know what to expect from your blog. Give them title like “6 killer tips”, start with something that keeps it to the point.

1.5 Make it easier to share

Social media is life today. Your content wouldn’t be of any use if people can’t share it with other people. Make your blog as shareable as possible. Make sharing as easy as possible, for instance add small icons in the side bar to ensure that post sharing isn’t a long procedure. Keep it concise to one click.

1.6 Post it on other platforms

There are many ways you can post your content on other platforms. First there is guest posting; which includes posting articles on other famous high traffic blogs. These blogs assess your articles and post it to their website with possibly one backlink to your website. Additionally, you can post your articles on various platforms like StumbleUpon, Ezine articles and These are few examples otherwise 100s of platforms offer to publish your blog if it meets certain quality standards.

1.7 Mention authors and books

Try to tap the emerging talent. When you mention books and authors in your blogs, you can also ask them to share your blog on their website.

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For instance you can say:
“Hey, I’m Jack from , I’m senior writer here. In my recent article, I gave a shout-out to your book. It’d be great if you post this blog on your website as well.”
You can also ask for backlinks, when finally coordinating with the relevant blog.

1.8 Repost your articles

Reposting your articles after a while gives your blog more reads and shares. It also brings the new audience and helps people who missed it last time. After a month or so do marketing of your already written blogs. This will help your blog to remain fresh and will drive more audience to your blog.

3. Final word

See? We promised to keep it short. If you do all the above-mentioned stuff, we are confident that no one can stop your blog from going viral.