Guide to secure a top spot in Kickstarter Projects

Guide to secure a top spot in Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is a known for its turning ideas in to reality. Kickstarter has helped businesses raise millions of dollars as funding. Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has quickly gained a huge publicity because of its innovative and commendable approach. Not just the big talks, millions of projects are live on Kickstarter along with millions of pledges from investors.
Kickstarter’s idea is crowdfunding, which is a modern approach to attract investors particularly via an online platform. The businesses launch their campaign and Kickstarter helps it to reach investors.
All sounds so cool, but this isn’t as easy and quick as it seems. Successful Kickstarter campaign is a hard one. Uncountable projects register on Kickstarter everyday but only few make it to the top, same as Google Play Store. There are many apps but only few make it in the top list and thus bag the most downloads.

Points to ponder

Here are the few pointers before we move further.

  • Kickstarter campaign is a long road down, don’t sign up if you are inconsistent.
  • Make sure you have something amazing to offer. Your product must speak for itself. If you are just copying someone else’s idea, make sure you have a great competitive edge.
  • Innovation is of core importance at Kickstarter.
  • Kickstarter will only approve your campaign if you have a working prototype.
  • You can’t launch a campaign for a personal cause or charity.
  • A complete and impressive campaign can add value to your product.
  • As we have covered the basics, let’s start with how we can develop exceptional campaigns to secure a top spot in Kickstarter.

1. Develop an impressive campaign

A campaign counts more than the original product. You can persuade people to invest in your product by developing an exceptional campaign. The campaign decides how people see your product. It’s the only way you communicate to your audience so make sure you justify your only way of communication with your audience.
Now you must be thinking what to do to launch such campaign.


Let’s give you a quick guide to launch an impressive campaign.

  • Asses your audience: You need answers of few questions. Who is your audience? What does it do? What can you do differently to grab their attention? When you have answers of these questions, your campaign becomes more focused and you get right marketing strategy. You can also find the right marketing strategy from these “Top marketing strategies” to reach your potential audience.
  • Decide the time: It needs a great attention. You can launch a campaign for maximum of 60 days. While it is always suggested that you keep the campaign for maximum of 30 days. As Kickstarter receives a lot of signups daily, your campaign will get most views in the initial week. If your product and campaign has what people need, you’ll know what to do in the first week.
  • Decide a minimum funding goal: It is also another important decision that you have got to make. It is advisable to set a smaller value as your funding goal rather than a large one. When you attain your first funding goal, people like you better. Well mainly because the campaign achieving goals rapidly is going to roll some eyes.

2. Create a video

Kickstarter campaigns with a video is most likely to get more attention and thus more investors and buyers. A video leaves an impact on the viewers and it is scientifically proven that video as a tool for active learning gains more attention and interests.


Creating an impressive campaign is again a great deal. Here are the tips for creating an amazing video for your Kickstarter campaign.

  • Make script and everything so you don’t miss out anything important.
  • Choose a great yet light background music.
  • Ask questions to get more attention.
  • Talk interesting figures.
  • Layout benefits.
  • Do great animations and editing.
  • Include more than one person in video.
  • Choose an appropriate location. Preferably your workplace.

3. Creating campaign page

Campaign page requires a lot of details that you need to carefully fill out to get the most out of Kickstarter campaign. Here are the tips you can use for a more efficient campaign page.

  • Give a comprehensive introduction. Explaining everything about your product concisely. The words must have value.
  • Give pictures of your blogs on famous platforms and social media.
  • Give a competitive edge.
  • Give complete details of your product.
  • Give the proof of testimonials.
  • Give interesting rewards

4. Getting ready for launch

One you have successfully developed a campaign for Kickstarter, you need to launch it so it can be reviewed and approved. You need to be ready for launch when the date arrives.
What includes in getting ready for launch? Well, here’s what.

  • Reach out to people: it is important that you reach out to people before the launch. Contact your potential audience before the launch date. Write interesting emails persuading people to check out your campaign.
  • Follow up: When you write interesting emails, it is probable that you’d get responses. You need to keep those clients and communicate with them even after the launch.

5. Offer something to investors

It is likely that people who are investing in your product would like something in return. If you are generous enough, you can deliver a copy of final product to the most generous investors. However, it is hard to manage the budget with this plan.


Since you can’t offer everyone your final product to every investor. You need to decide on something that would be budget friendly. Here are few tips about what you can offer to your investors in return.

  • A special discount (it can range anywhere from 20-70%). Just carefully decide.
  • You can offer special services like early delivery.
  • You can also attract buyers with the limited edition delivery.
  • Another good thing will be a special bonus gift.

Kickstarter projects example

Here are some of Kickstarter projects that you need to look in to.

1. Trail Mix Tube

Guide to secure a top spot in Kickstarter Projects

KickStarter Trail Mix Tube project link

The name confuses you a bit but once you check this project, you’ll be sure about backing up this project. Trail Mix Tube is actually replacing all the junk food in our lives because it has introduced healthy snacking. Not only they are offering the ultimate ease with their Trail Mix Tube but they have offered a great snack to fill in the tube. You can just imagine how healthy these snacks can be. The tube comes with a bag to refill the tube. The tube containing snacks is easy to carry and can just slid in to your pocket. It literally means healthy snacking without any mess of wrappers or dirty fingers as the tube pours the snacks directly in to your mouth. The tube is filled with snacks like berries, nuts and other healthy snacks.

What we can learn from this project?

• Competitive edge

The competitive edge of this product is great as it is challenging the conventional wrapped snack pack by Tesco. The conventional snack pack would make your fingers messy and the storage wasn’t easy either. This tube is easy to carry and store so people who buy those conventional wrapped snacks will definitely go with this one.

• Reasonable

The prices are pretty darn great and the product is quite good. It is offering value for money and is particularly enhancing the way people eat.

2. Track Card

Track card is amazing; you don’t need to worry about your valet or phone now. The size of track card is similar to credit card and it has a Bluetooth tracker which helps in finding your phone or valet anytime. It is unique in a sense that it has a find button which helps in finding your valuable items, anywhere in the world. It has alarm system and you can also track items via Google maps. Track card can be placed in any of your valuables to keep a track of them.
What we can learn from this project?

• Innovation

A great idea indeed. There is always fear of losing your valuables. Most of the big stuff comes with insurance and all but usually your small yet valuable items for instance your purse or even phone is always at risk. Via track card, you’ll be able to easily find your lost items in a matter of seconds. If the required item is far out of your sight, then you’ll be able to track it.

• Answering very important need

This product is answering the very important requirement of people and it will surely be loved.

3. Sound Sense

Guide to secure a top spot in Kickstarter Projects

KickStarter SoundSense Project link

Sound sense is built for people with hearing disability. This product helps deaf people to recognize sounds like police sirens, fire alarms, laughing or just a call of friend across the room. Sound sense alerts the users via a vibration after detecting sounds.

What we can learn from this project?

• Connecting with people

This project is more than innovation; it connects the people with this business. It has an emotional value which many people can relate to. It is working for a bigger cause and people will likely support its mission for making lives better.

Final words

The above guide will help you make most out of your Kickstarter campaign. Good luck starters.