agile vs waterfall

1. Tools Adhering to Agile Methodologies

In a recent article, Lew Jamison (BSEE, MBA, CSD, CSM, CSPO, SCT) talked about the rich landscape of agile tools, he mentioned that new scrum tools are leveraging businesses adherence to agile methodologies.

Since those tools have a fresh start, compared to its older counterparts, they are providing the wide selection of agile options for organizations to choose from.

In blog post :

He shortly describes the characteristic of each of the tools.
Yodiz made 8th in his list. He described Yodiz from a quote of our distinguished customer Associate Press

Yodiz provides a much greater degree of visibility into our team’s progress.

  • Dawit Lessanu
  • Chief Architect and Technology Director
  • Associated Press

2. Few more feedback from AP about Yodiz

We found Yodiz to be feature-rich and intuitive, no formal user training was required. Yodiz support was also responsive during the adoption process. Most of our questions were quickly addressed via Yodiz’s online knowledge base.

Read full case study of “Associated Press”, about adopting agile with Yodiz

3. Let’s also find out how Yodiz help other customers its in quest to be agile

agile vs waterfall

4. Checkout Journey toward Agile

How Checkout became agile using Yodiz

Yodiz boards are very visual and it is very easy to follow progress of sprint and each team member. It allows us to see how well the team is progressing, but more importantly it’s generating a good community feel. We have global teams, so developers who are working in one region of the world now easily feel that they are part of the bigger picture

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Agile Evangelist
  • Founder and CTO

Read very Inspiring story to scale agile by CTO and Founder of Checkout, Guillaum Pousaz

agile vs waterfall

5. Agile Team Developed ultra energy-efficient vehicle

Agile team pushing the boundaries and developed ultra energy-efficient vehicle using Yodiz

We endeavor the journey of minimizing the losses and achieving maximum efficiency in fuel economy, which made this project a perfect candidate to be managed by Agile methodology. The core of the project coincides very well with the agile methodology, as both have element of reducing waste and maximizing the efficiency.

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