Top 7 communication barriers at workplace (Benefits of effective communication)

Top 7 communication barriers at workplace (Benefits of effective communication)

Communication skills are a must for every employee of an organization. While employees go through a rigorous selection procedure, it still becomes a problem for them to coordinate fully with each other. This problem usually arises due to communication barriers at workplace. If these communication barriers are not catered on time, it is likely that they will persist and weaken the real time collaboration among your employees. Communication barriers tend to increase if you don’t pay attention to them. In order to enhance productivity and efficiency of employees, you need to overcome these communication barriers.

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Most communication barriers occur due to small misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Some happen due to the stressful work environment. Usually employees have different personalities and it becomes hard for them to understand each other.

Following communication barriers are most prevalent in modern times, ways to overcome them are also provided.

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1) Lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is a major problem faced by many in workplaces. This problem in prevalent among all employees at all levels. Lacking confidence is a great communication barrier and is present in many forms like shyness, awkwardness, discomfort and so on. It not only affects the overall collaboration of company but it can also suppress employees to ask for their rights and give opinions.

2) Stereotypes and generalization

Stereotypes and generalizations are often harmful as it can affect accurate perception. When you relate people with stereotypes you might not get their clearer view which can be very worthy. Make sure you don’t hold on to preconceptions because what you are assuming can only be one part of their personality or might not exist at all.

3) Being unclear

When talking about communication barriers, clarity is a hard one to overcome because everyone’s understanding of something must be different. However, the speaker must make sure that he is speaking with absolute clarity and there are no ambiguities in speech.

4) Body language

Sometimes your body language doesn’t coordinate with what you are actually speaking and gives sort of mixed signals to listeners. Body language or gestures can be a huge barrier to effective communication as they lack clarity if not used appropriately. Your verbal and non-verbal communication must align otherwise they pose a communication barrier.

5) Irregular conversations

You must communicate regularly, try to open up to people in daily basis. If conversations are irregular, you might not develop enough confidence in addressing people if you need any help regarding work. This barrier can be overcome by arranging daily meetings and lunching together.

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6) Not listening properly

Listening is a problem in effective communication and nothing works out without listening properly. People usually jump to assumptions and make up things without apprehending and letting others finish. This can be overcome by providing resource material and providing proper trainings or stressing on importance of listening during meetings.

7) Dishonesty

It can prove to be a big communication barrier because once people discover that someone is not honest about what he says, it is likely that no one would listen to him even if he’s being honest. This can become a problem in all cases and this barrier can be overcome by stressing on the importance of honesty and making it a core value at your business. Still there is no way to completely diminish it however, dishonesty is company’s matters must face disciplinary action.

Final words

Communication barriers exist in every organization and they must be overcome at daily basis so the work isn’t affected and employee cooperation can be enhanced.