In our previous release on September 14, we made “Yodiz Reloaded” beta available to few customers and today we made a special update and now “Beta” is available to all our customers. This is still work in progress and few views like “Issue Tracker” will be added soon.

You can access Yodiz Reloaded by clicking on “Beta” link at navigation bar


1. Yodiz Reloaded Story

We started working at beginning of this year exactly on January 30, 2014 to find solution that would increase the performance, add flexibility and offer more smoother user experience for Yodiz. We were getting constant feedback that, all actions require server round trips and feeling “slow” on performing different actions especially at Sprint Board and Backlog.

We ran multiple small “proof of concepts” projects to find best technology to migrate to, while keeping huge backend services that we built over years. Yodiz is JavaEE application and we have used JSF, Rich Faces along with some other libraries to build Yodiz front end. We wanted to move to more light weight solutions like JavaScript, JQuery etc.

Since the expectations were high and challenges were numerous, team spent days and night to find a reasonable solution. We tried many different front-end frameworks and finally settle with AngularJS, however during the middle of the implementation we started finding again problems once data was getting too large, AngularJS was making browser stuck and slow response it. It wouldn’t handle enough data that our customers normally have at Sprint level. We then reduced the scope of AngularJS and started moving more towards pure JavaScript and JQuery components. Eventually we settled on technology side and then moved towards adding flexility.

Major change at Yodiz Reloaded was to break the “Project Context” and add ability to quickly switch between different sprint and backlogs without changing the project at top.

Sprint Board is now really flexible, you can add columns, report issues directly under user story and above all, Sprint level issues are shown at same view, making it lot easier to track the whole sprint items. We also added some flavor of Kanban or ScrumBan, where you can have user stories and issues travel across columns.

Planning Board is major enhancement, you would now be able to plan your work starting from Epics, User Stories, Sprints, Releases and Issues at single page with ability to view items from different projects. It probably has been hardest as there were countless cases coming up every day.

You can give a try to all these features and let us know your valueable feedback at

2. Latest Improvements

Now jumping to some bug fixes that we released today that fixed some issues in our previous release made on September 14.

  • New line character at comments now working smoothly.
  • Urls are converted automatically to clickable links at comments.
  • Tagging of users with “@” is fixed
  • At Kanban Board, “WIP – Work in Progress” limits now enforced at columns at board
  • Project export fixes
  • And lots of other bug fixes

3. Roadmap update: Next release plan

Here is brief list of features that we are currently working on.

  • Introducing “Rights Management”, ability to define roles and rights for user to control, who can create, edit and delete items.
  • Migrating Issue Tracker to “Yodiz Reloaded” and make it available as soon as possible. It may take another 5-6 weeks before it’s ready
  • Adding filters at Epics (by default to show only Open Epics)
  • Major enhancements to Export functionality.
  • Some more graphs
  • Bug fixes

Do share your feedback at  , as always we listen to our customers and highly appreciate their great feedback.