Once again we are excited to share news and details about the new release that we made yesterday. This time it took a little more than normal release time as we were busy on working with some major upgrade,  which would enhance Yodiz functionalities, improve performance significantly and mega planning board. However, this new release called “Yodiz Reloaded” is still at early beta phase and we decided so far to share only with few customers. However, it can be made accessible to any existing Yodiz customer. If you would like to test Yodiz Reloaded release, drop us message at support@yodiz.com and we would be happy to more details with you.

1. Short summary of new features

Beside the Yodiz Reloaded beta release, there are number of other enhancements done and details are

  • Yodiz Reloaded: Brief introduction of our beta interfaces.
  • Recycle bin: Now your data is safe and if your user story, issue, task or Epic gets deleted you can restore it from recycle bin.
  • Spike Chart: User stories added after start of the sprint can be seen at Spike chart.
  • Redesigned Administration area: Top navigation, left menu and other simplification at administration area. More to follow soon.
  • Enhancements to create new users
    • Multiple users invitation
    • Copy invitation link
    • Create users directly (without sending them invitation to join)
  • Edit Effort Log
  • Dependency filters
  • Additional filter at Issue Tracker
  • Duplicate Issue: There is option available at Issue modal (pop-up) view to duplicate issue.
  • Enhanced Time Zone support: Now at history, effort log and other places, timestamps are shown according to user’s local time zone.
  • Other bug fixes

1.1. Yodiz Reloaded – beta release

As mentioned in the beginning, we have just released Yodiz reloaded beta version with new Sprint board, Epic, Product Backlog and Mega Planning board. Beside this there are 7 new types of custom fields available at newer interfaces. To get access contact us support@yodiz.com . You can also get some more details about Yodiz reloaded release contents by following this help link


1.2. Recycle bin

Major feature in the release is “Recycle bin”, there were no option in Yodiz to recover manually the items which were deleted by accident, now you can see the items which are deleted and able to recover it, recover items is now put it back to the same place from which it was deleted, recovered items will have different IDs, we are planning to enhance this feature that i will include in title the older ID with a label Recovered, so its easier to identify the items which are recovered from recycling bin.

Yodiz-Recycling Bin

1.3. Spike Chart

Spike chart shows the items (user stories and Issues), which were added after the sprint has started. This chart is available at Project Dashboard and you can select the sprint to view the Spike details.


1.4. Administration

Administration area is now completely redesigned, although we tried to keep the logical grouping same as previous. There is top navigation link for Projects, Users, Configurations and Import External Data.

1.5. Add multi users to project


1.6. Copy invitation link and sharing manually

When inviting new user, an invitation is sent to user email address. Sometimes, in rare cases email could be delayed or blocked by some ISPs. Now you you can copy invitation link  and send it directly to users. This is very useful in case the auto email for new user invitation is not delivered successfully.


1.7. Edit Effort log

User can edit the effort log, there has been problem that once effort is added it wasn’t editable, now you can edit the estimation without deleting it.

Yodiz-Edit Effort Log

1.8. Dependency filter

View associations/dependency of different projects.

Yodiz-Depedencies Filter

1.9. Issue tracker Filters

Additional filter of “Created by” is now part of filters at issue tracker.


1.10. Duplicate Issue

Now you can duplicate issues


1.11. Time Zone

All the notifications, effort log, history and other updates timestamps are now based on user local time zone.