Agile Software Development is leading the way for creating quality software in the shortest sustainable time. To keep up with the changing times and requirements there are agile tools that assist in this developmental process.

Completing a project within time and allocated budget is the ultimate goal of every Agile team. These tools ensure the standard of quality and help to attain the goals in the least amount of time within the set budget.

Let’s focus on how a tool could support a team in achieving these targets. More importantly, how software assists in building an empowered team in agile environments.

There are a handful of tools available that are widely used by agile teams. These tools usually help in planning, tracking and releasing software.

A popular choice amongst many software companies for a significant amount of time is Jira. Created by Atlassian, it was initially a bug tracker tool which eventually grew into the giant project management tool that it is today.

As an Agile Lifecycle Management tool, many teams start using a renowned tool only to later realize that with altering requirements, the tool cannot support their growth or progress anymore. This is when they have to switch to other alternatives.

To avoid delving into this predicament, we introduce to you a tool which gives you the complete agile experience without ever looking for any other alternative.

We introduce you to Yodiz. Gritty Teams use Yodiz.

It is the complete Agile Tool which not only carries out the basic functions of an Agile Tool but also offers a vast variety of additional features. This article compares the functionality of Yodiz with Jira. The picture below illustrates this comparison.

Yodiz vs Jira

Jira Drawbacks

Some of the cringe factors that agile teams realize after using Jira are listed below:

  • For Project/Product Managers, planning and monitoring a release in Jira is complex. It is technically supported but you need an expert to set up a release board for you. However, the Yodiz release board is readily available to plan and track the progress of a release contents while the development team is working on it in more than one sprint. Analytics and charts on the same board give a quick overview.
  • In Jira, only one sprint can be active at a time. Yodiz does not limit users to start a new sprint simultaneously.
  • Creating Multiple Boards for the same quest in Jira can often lead to Information fragmentation and confusion. No possibility of Board sorting makes it more difficult to get to the right board. Yodiz boards and sorting is easily accessible from navigation menu.
  • We often need ways to instantly sort by different values in backlog and boards. In order to sort, the only way in Jira is to navigate to the main issues view hence, losing the context of the board completely. This creates difficulty in sorting and complicates in understanding, which board is being used.
  • It is not easy to keep track of closed Sprints and their items in Jira. Yodiz, on the other hand, allows access anytime anywhere by clicking on the main navigation menu.
  • The help guide is often misleading in Jira and users have to resort to search engines to attain help. Yodiz provides in-app search support which is specific to what the user wants without having to rely on external search engines.
  • Jira has its own learning curve. It takes time to learn and master its configurations. An expert is usually hired to set up and maintain the tool itself. Yodiz configurations are extremely simple and user-friendly and take minimum time to become proficient in it.

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