Our this Yodiz release is bit delayed than original schedule as some of the features being introduced today had much larger impact then we originally thought. However we are really excited to bring some great features like ability to create new issues via email, track dependencies across items, multi-project To-Do and many other useful enhancements.

Major New Features

  • Interact Via Email
  • Dependency Tracking
  • Global To-Do
  • Priority field for Issues

Other enhancements

  • Export issues from multiple projects with selected fields
  • Priority Visibility on Sprint Board
  • More information on Sprint Resource Manager
  • Linear Scale extended to 1-100
  • Extra Filters on Planning Board
  • Blocked state for Tasks
  • Remember previous sprint team
  • Component Graphs
  • JumpTo Global projects
  • Automatic following when comment or notified
  • Notification for when task is added to user story
  • Google Apps integration improvements


Interact via Email

This feature now enables customers to create issues and user stories via email. From top navigation go to “more” and click on “Interact via Email” menu option. You need to set “Subdomain” for your organization and then define “Project Key” for all of your projects to get unique email address for each project.

Follow this help article for detailed instructions.

Quick view of Interact via email page.



Dependency Tracking

There are always certain situations where you would like to see clear dependencies and ability to block items progress as they depend on other things. For example, a release probably shouldn’t be closed until some blocker issues are resolved. Until now there was no simple way to handle such situations in Yodiz. In this release, we have introduced powerful ways to create, manage and track dependencies. Now you are able to define if an item is blocked by other items or it’s simply relate to other.

Follow this article for more detailed instructions.

Dependency Creation



View all dependencies from “Dashboard” and “Dependencies” link.



Global To-do with multi-projects support

Probably one of the most requested feature recently is ability to view tasks and issues from all projects at single page. We had some complete renewal plans for To-Do page, but we decided to add the support for Multi-Projects first to enable teams and individuals to manage their work more efficiently at Yodiz. There are some UI enhancements at To-Do page along with ability to select multiple-projects to view items. Remember To-do can be accessed from “Start” icon next to chat at top navigation bar and from “Dashboard” menu with option “To-Do”.

Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to use Global To-Do.

Snapshot of new To-Do page



Priority field for Issues

To enable better classification of issues we have introduced “Priority” field. For existing projects you can opt to use priority field by going to Project Settings and editing “Details.

Follow this article for more detailed instructions.