70 + Places To Promote Your Content for digital marketing

70 + Places To Promote Your Content for Digital Marketing

Content is the king in modern times. It adds value to your business and enhances your online presence. Content plays a vital role in promotion of your business. However, your content must be authentic and go viral. If your content has spark it will go viral in no time. Once you have created valuable content, your next step would be to promote it on different platforms.

There are various ways to promote your content. Following points will give you complete details of the places where you can promote your content.

Submit your Content to the top search engines

Search engines are the most important places for submitting your content. You can generate a sitemap of your site and submit it to the search engine. Search engine crawler (Spider) crawls your site content and gives you effective traffic. You can submit your sitemap to the following top search engines.

1. Google

2. Yahoo

3. Bing

4. Baidu

5. AOL

6. Ask

7. Excite

8. Duckduckgo

9. Yandex

10. Wolframalpha

Submit your blog to directories

There are hundreds of directories where you can submit your blog site, some are free and some are paid. Dmoz.org and some other directories are free but it’s hard to get a spot in those directories and you might also have to wait a lot to finally get your site in listing. In paid directories, you can get a place but with some expense but it is quick. Following is the list of directories.

11. Yelp

12. Jayde

13. Best of the Web Directory

14. D Moz

15. Business

16. Google Business

17. Yahoo! Business

18. Trip Advisor

19. Yellow Pages

20. Super Pages

21. Manta

22. Stumbleupon

23. DexKnows

24. BBB

25. Merchant Circle

26. Urban Spoon

27. Open Table Restaurant Management Software

28. Google +

29. Pinterest

30. Foursquare

31. Reddit

Social Bookmarking Sites

There are hundreds of bookmarking tools available in the market. These tools help you to organize your resources and to get visitors. Here is a list of some good bookmarking tools which help you to get better content achievements.

32. Dragdis

33. Diigo

34. Saved.io

35. Bundlr

36. Pocket

37. Bizsugar

Bookmarking Sites Submission

Bookmarking sites are similar to directories. These sites usually don’t get you visitors but sometimes they do. There are hundreds of bookmarking sites. These bookmarking and voting sites help you to engage your visitors. A short list of top bookmarking sites is listed here.

38. Google Bookmarks

39. Yahoo Bookmarks

40. Findfriends

41. Delicious

42. Get Stache

Strategically Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs is also a powerful technique to get visitors. First you need to visit some relative and good ranking blogs. Pick some good techniques from there that you are not following, and comment on different topics with your site link of the related post. Following blogs can help you in engaging visitors.

43. Search Engine Land

44. Copy Blogger

45. Social Media Examiner

46. SEO Moz

47. Chris Brogan

48. Social Media Today

49. Hubspot

50. Shoe Money

51. Search Engine Journal

52. Google Blog

Effective Q/A Websites

Q/A (Question/Answer) website have effective visitors. Q/A websites are a good source to get visitors. If you have answers of visitors questions on your site then place your link in the answer. In this technique, you can get more visitors to your site. Here is a list of Q/A websites.

53. Quora

54. Answers Yahoo

55. Stack Over Flow

56. LinkedIn

57. Answers

Feedburner account

Feedburner account is a service from Google which allows you to track subscribers of your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Here are the links.

58. Feedburner

59. Feedly

Establish Your Social Media Accounts

Social media sites play an important role in getting visitors for your site. Establish your company on social media sites. Build your community on social media sites with respect and standard. Each social media page work differently, the utilization is up to you. A list of top social media sites is listed below.

60. Facebook

61. Google Plus

62. Twitter

63. Hi5

64. LinkedIn

65. My Space

66. Flickr

67. Pinterest

68. Instagram

69. Picasa Google

70. Photo Bucket

Share your posts on sharing sites/blogs

There are hundreds of social media and other blog posting sites, which allow you to post your article on their site. You can get better traffic from these sites just by sharing your content on these sites. Many sites now give the feature to post automatically. Utilized these sharing sites and achieve better rankings in search engines list.

71. LinkedIn

72. Inbound

73. Archive

74. Growth Hackers

75. Buzz Blogger

76. Buzz sumo

77. Tumblr

78. Postach.io

79. Slide Share

Keep in Touch with Other Bloggers

Build your community on social media for better optimization of your content. Keep in touch with other bloggers of relevant field. Whenever you post any new blog do share it with them. You can build your community through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or by using other blogging sites.

Keep in touch with those bloggers also who share related posts. With mutual sharing, you can get more visitors and build a better vast community.